Monday, February 10, 2014

Sermon - "A Heavenly Parade"

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on what we now know as the first Palm Sunday, no one grasped what God was doing. Yet, this was a Heavenly Parade as the Son of Man rode into the Holy City of God bringing Peace and Salvation. Truly, God was reclaiming his people (again), and opening the door for others to join his family...all because the Messiah entered Jerusalem to begin the last week of his earthly life.

May God bless you as you listen to this unique approach to Mark 11:1-11 as we at Royal Palm Church continue in our systematic study of the Gospel of Mark.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bible for Dummies - Chapter 9, Part 2

We continue in the book of 1 Samuel by meeting the first king of Israel, Saul.  Then we are introduced to David, who along with Moses and Elijah is one of the three most influential leaders in Israel's history.

Today we cover 1 Samuel 8-18. Listen below and follow along with the notes.  God bless, KM

Chapter 9 – The King and “I Am”: 1 and 2 Samuel

Part 2 – Saul and David

Saul (~1081-1010BC), Israel’s First King

Ask and Ye Shall Receive (1 Samuel 8)

**  Israel demanded a king due, in part, to Samuel’s appointment of his sons to be judges over Israel, and in part to the corruption of Samuel’s sons vis a vis the way they abused their tabernacle responsibilities/privileges.

1 Samuel 8:4, 5 – “Then all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bible for Dummies - 1 Samuel (Chapter 9, Part 1 of the textbook)

As the era of the judges begins to wane, we look forward to the time of the Kings for Israel as we study 1 Samuel.  Listen to the class and review the notes, below.

Chapter 9 – The King and “I Am”:
1 and 2 Samuel

Part 1 – Samuel, the Final Priest/Prophet

** The Books of 1 and 2 Samuel record a time of transition in the life of Israel

·      Each tribe has autonomy…but soon they will have a King.

·      The most influential person(s) in Israel has been the judge(s)/prophet(s)/priest(s) of God…but soon it will be a King.

·      Israel, with all of its flaws, has chosen to be subject to God…but soon they will demand a King.

·      Israel is currently “united”…but soon they will be divided into two

The Amazing Generosity of God

Ever feel like God is going overboard to let you know he's with you? 

Case in point...Dawn and I put our home on the market so we can move closer to our new church. I figured we'd list it, take a few weeks, start looking for houses in the new city, work everything out, and we'd move in July or August. Well... we put the house on the market on Wednesday, had four offers within a couple of days, and decided on which offer to accept last night (Sunday) - a whopping 5 days after we listed it. 

Now...tonight, we just put an offer on a house 1.2 miles from our new church - the Royal Palm Church in Lake Worth (about 13 miles from our current house.)  We know there is at least one other offer. So I'm asking all of our friends and family to pray with us that, if this is part of God's plan for the next chapter in our lives, we will be selected as the buyer.  

Amazing!...I know.  Sometimes he blesses just to give a reward. Sometimes he blesses to remind us of his generosity. Sometimes he blesses in order to defeat the evil around us as evil doers try to destroy our lives.  And sometimes we have NO IDEA why he blesses, but we love it when he does. 

Life is not always such a high, but our Heavenly Father has his way of reminding us, "I'm here...and I love you!"  A rainbow...a sunset...a newborn baby...a kind word from a friend at just the right time.  Even in my specific situation... it's the selling of a house and the prospect of the next one all because God is leading the way. No matter the "how", the "why" is consistent - it's all about the Amazing Generosity of our God.

Anyway, just a short testimony to the provision of God.  I think we can all say, "Anytime God wants to go overboard with me, I'm all in!"  Thank you, Jesus!