Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"The Mystery of God's Will" - A Message from John 21

Hello all!

A question we all have from time to time is, "Is this God's will for me?"  Sometimes the "this" has to do with a job, sometimes a relationship, sometimes the purchasing of a new car.  Thankfully, God has revealed much of his will to us in the Bible. But what about that which we must deduce?

In this message from John 20, I share three insights into the Mystery of God's Will.  I know it will be helpful to you as Holy Spirit guides your heart into his Word.  Let me know what you think...and may God bless you as you discover and experience his perfect will for your life.

Peace, Kirk McCormick

The Mystery of God’s Will
A Message from John 21

Scene 1 - John 21:4-24

Insight 1 - The Mystery of God’s Will is revealed in my daily endeavors.

John 21:6 - “Jesus said, ‘Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello Friends!

I'm back with a word about Doubt.

Following the Resurrection, the disciples were greeted by Jesus for the first time that first Easter Sunday evening...all of the disciples but Thomas, who was absent.  When the others told Thomas that they had seen the Lord, he doubted. In fact, he did not believe them.  Thus, the legend of "Doubting Thomas" began.

All of us have doubted from one degree to another.  And that doubt can either discourage us from seeking the Lord or encourage us to seek him more intently.  I define "doubt" like this:

Doubt is a crisis of Faith precipitated by a wavering belief that God is able or willing to fulfill his promises in our lives.

If you will listen to this message, I am confident that God will bless you.  And if you are blessed, I ask you one favor...tell your Christian friends for they will be blessed, too, with this common challenge in the life of every believer at one time or another.  Below is an outline, for your convenience.

Let me know what you think.  God bless, Kirk McCormick

 “A Bout with Doubt”
John 20:24-31

4 Concepts of “Doubt” in the New Testament

Concept/Word/Cause # 1 - Wavering

Matthew 14:31 - “Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and