Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"It's All about Control" - a message from James 5:1-6

I know...I know.  The church talks too much about money. But did you know that Jesus spoke more about money-related issues during his earthly ministry than he did about any other topic other than salvation/heaven/hell?  So, perhaps, the church actually needs to do a better job encouraging God's people to be faithful stewards. Well...that's what James does in this 5th chapter of his letter.

One thing is certain:  you will either control your wealth or it will control you. Money is subtle temptress...convincing us that we're in control when it actually is.  Thankfully, as we study James' word God speaks to us about the Warnings of being controlled...as well as the blessings to controlling, as faithful stewards, the assets God has given to us.

I hope you'll listen to Holy Spirit as we consider God's Word from James 5:1-6. May God bless you as you respond, perhaps even change, according to these Biblical principles.

God bless, Kirk McCormick

William Wilberforce, Money in Christian History,

 “I continually find it necessary to guard against that natural love of wealth and grandeur which prompts us always to claim an exception.”

Note: By the way…the Bible never defines what constitutes being “Rich”…

…it only describes the “Rich” as those whose material wealth is more important to them than the teachings of God.

Application: So you can be middle income, and be “Rich”

Warning 1 - Woe to the Greedy.

James 5:1 - “Come now, you rich people, weep and wail for the miseries