Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Promise Denied?" - a message from John 11

Hello all,

At our Sunday evening service, The Well, we are studying the Gospel of John.  Tonight I lead our group through John 11 - the Resurrection of Lazarus.

Have you ever felt like God reneged on one of his promises? ...like God forgot you and, therefore, you suffered?

Jesus' interaction with Martha, Mary and their family/friends vis a vis Lazarus' sickness is a marvelous example of how God is faithful to his promises, even when the promise seems to have died.

I hope this message will draw you closer to the Lord, our Promise Giver and Fulfiller.  And may Holy Spirit speak words of comfort, strength and insight to your heart.  If God touches you or if you have any comments, let me know: drkirkmccormick@gmail.com

God bless, Kirk McCormick

PS - There are no notes for this message as we do not use them at The Well. Also, you will be blessed as this is a recording of our entire service (minus some sharing and prayer time).  Gary Heck is our worship leader who has a fantastic ministry of leading us in worship as we approach the Lord.

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