Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Critical Need for Orphans in Namibia

Hello friends,

One of my purposes for this blog is to alert you to some opportunities to support missionaries and mission groups. Today I received an emergency email from Brenda Johnston, co-founder of a ministry to orphaned children I support in Namibia, Africa.  Her letter is self-explanatory.  Perhaps God is calling you to answer the call.

Brenda Johnston at the Talitha Kumi Christian Academy - Arandis, Namibia
Thanks for praying...and if you're not the one to support this ministry, then you can pray that someone will.  Brenda's email is below...  - KM

December 2013

Dear Partners in Ministry
I am sending an update on our current situation at Children of Promise Ministries Namibia and Talitha Kumi Christian Academy. God never gives us more than we can handle and has guided us through the obstacles throughout 2013.  With the Lord’s guidance; the help of many volunteers; and the financial assistance from our partners, we were able to meet our payroll and monthly expenses in 2013.  Our monthly budget for TKCA Primary is approximately N$57,000 or US$5,700.00. This amount includes salaries for local staff, utilities, internet, school supplies etc.  Volunteers, including myself work without compensation.  With your help we believe we can meet our 2014 financial requirements.
The Executive Director and Co-Founder of CoPMN will have both her knees replaced in 2014.  With surgeries, reconstruction and rehabilitation, Sylvia will be gone most of 2014.
The Headmistress of Talitha Kumi Christian Academy, Ms. Nan Parker leaves permanently on December 18 after 7 years of service.  She is returning to the USA after sacrificially giving of her time, talents, experience and love.  Her departure, along with Sylvia Beukes surgery, leaves a huge gap in the ministry of TKCA. With God’s guidance we shall prevail.
I have agreed to oversee TKCA Primary School during the 2014 school year.  Our enrollment for 2014 is at 60 for grades 1-7.  We have a total of 6 teachers committed to us with me being the backup and fill in as well as administrator.  Having never been part of a school environment this will be a huge challenge for me.  We have already committed ourselves to the teachers, the students and the community to run TKCA in 2014 so I am at peace that God has a plan – regardless of how odd it seems to me.
With all of the new challenges for us, individually and collectively, and with God’s guidance, we believe we can be as effective as we have been in the past.  We have accepted the additional challenges; redirected our original focus and are moving forward.
Our financial resources have significantly diminished over the last year and we are asking for your assistance.
Please help us by opening your hearts and the hearts of others and contribute to Children of Promise Ministries – Talitha Kumi Christian Academy and support the orphans and vulnerable children of Namibia.
We need you!
Donations for TKCA can be sent to: His Promise Ministries, 1106 Old Mill Run, Deland, FL 32720, Check Memo: TKCA
Thank you for being a faithful partner in God’s harvest field in Arandis, Namibia.  Merry Christmas!
Brenda Johnston
CoFounder, Children of Promise Ministries Namibia

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