Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Every follower of Jesus, Jew and Gentile alike, has been concerned about the war in Israel.  As you may guess, I am a staunch supporter of Israel's right to defend herself as, I believe, this is a right from God. Not only is that Israel's right (as it would be for any people), but God has specifically given this land, according to his sovereignty, to the Jews.  Even more reason to protect and preserve it.

For those of you in South Florida, I am inviting you to a special night at Royal Palm Presbyterian Church where I serve as the Executive Pastor. Next Sunday (August 17) we are blessed to welcome Richard Frieden.  Richard and I met a few years ago when he was the guide for a group I was  leading on a pilgrimage in the Holy Land. We've remained friends and in touch. He is a sensitive, committed, and caring man who not only loves the Lord and his country, but has a vested interest, especially now, as his two children (son and daughter) serve in the Israeli army.

Richard will be speaking on the current situation in Israel. Then, following his message, we will have a Question and Answer dialog.  I hope you can come and experience the true reality of what is going on in the Holy Land, not the one the oft-biased media presents.

We serve dinner at The Well (our new contemporary worship service on Sunday nights). So if you would like to eat with us before the worship and message, let us know how many are coming by writing to royalpalmchurch@gmail.com.

See the poster below. Print it and share it with others. Perhaps you can also display it at your church.

I hope to see you and your friends at An Evening with Richard Frieden this Sunday (5:00PM - Dinner, Program starts at 5:30PM; children have their Kids' Club, too) at Royal Palm Church.

God bless you!  Keep praying for Israel...keep praying for those who are innocent in Gaza... keep praying for the Lord's will to be done. - Kirk McCormick

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