Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Israeli Guide Speaks at Royal Palm Church

Hello friends,

I'm sure you are interested in what is happening in the Holy Land. Having been to Israel seven times and the surrounding countries occasionally, and because I have (like you) a complete devotion to God's plan for His creation, I am concerned about Israel's security and the way the innocent people of Gaza are being abused by their leadership who put their own people in harms way. Of course, Israel gets blamed for the death of innocents, but who really is culpable for their deaths?  That lands squarely in the laps of Hamas and the leaders of Gaza.

It was a joy and pleasure to welcome Richard Frieden to RPC.  He became a friend a few years ago when he was the guide for a pilgrimage tour that I led.  Richard has a unique understanding of the goings-on of the region given his background as a Messianic believer following Yeshua (Jesus's Hebrew name), soldier (who continues to serve as a reservist), citizen (though American-born, Richard became an Israeli citizen in the early 1980's), professional guide, loving husband and father.

I hope you will take the time to listen attentively to Richard's insights. This is fascinating and helpful! If we believe the Bible as we say we do, then we will support Israel's right to live and flourish in the Holy Land since that right was given to them by Almighty God (See Genesis 15).  And we will pray that the innocent people of Gaza are protected from further harm.

Let me know what you think and/or what the Lord says to you.  God bless you, Kirk McCormick


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