Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Message from John 17 - The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus

Hello Friends!

We are blessed to know that Jesus was thinking of us even while he was on earth.

In this message I lead our evening service - The Well - through John 17, Jesus' prayer for his disciples. This is often called the "High Priestly Prayer" because, first, it comes from our High Priest who intercedes for us before the Father, and, second, because of its content.

Jesus prays for unity in his body, the church.  If we were honest, the church has disregarded, at least, and/or not fulfilled Jesus' wishes, at worst.  There are countless denominations that claim the name of Christ.  Some are faithful to his Word, others are apostate.  Yet none of us are perfect in fulfilling Jesus' prayer, "That they may be one even as you and I are one."

I hope this message will encourage the worldwide church to consider our unity.  May Holy Spirit lead you in this message.

God bless, Pastor Kirk

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