Monday, June 8, 2015

John 18:24-40 - A Message on the "Whys" of Jesus Arrest and Crucifixion

Hello Friends,

Most Christians know that Jesus "had" to die so that our sins might be forgiven.  Have you ever wondered, though, why certain parts of the cruelty by which he died - on the cross - needed to be as they were.  If the leaders of the Sanhedrin wanted Jesus dead, why didn't they do it themselves?  Why death on a cross and not by stoning?

In this message we focus on the legality of Jesus' arrest, but also the way that his arrest and imminent crucifixion was a fulfillment of prophesy, revealing God's master plan of salvation.  There is no  outline to follow...just listen and respond as Holy Spirit leads.

By the way, this message is embedded in the audio from our entire night service, called The Well.  I trust that God will bless you as you participate in his Word. Praise the Lord! - Kirk McCormick

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