Monday, June 15, 2015

"The Torture of Jesus" - a Message from John 19:1-15

Hello Friends!

I have the privilege of preaching at both of the worship services at Royal Palm Church.  Our morning service is traditional, but so alive!  Our evening service, The Well, is contemporary and casual, but focused on helping people meet the living Jesus.  We tend to preach, at both services, systematically through a book of the Bible.  As we continue our study of the Gospel of John at The Well, we come to the point in Jesus' life that does not excite us: His Torture and Death.

We, as Christians, do not like to talk that much about this part of Jesus' life because it is painful, and we know, if we are honest, that we caused that pain.  Yet, in the torture of Jesus God was doing so much to confirm his love to us.  In the torture of Jesus, God was confirming that Jesus is the Messiah as He fulfills the Old Testament prophecies of the Suffering Servant.  In other words, if God is willing to fulfill his promises even when they are painful, we can rest in his good promises and his ability to fulfill them in our lives, too.

Listen to this full-service recording at The Well.  In the middle of the recording is the message. Sorry...but I have no outline for you as we don't use one at The Well.  And may God bless you as you respond to his Word. - Kirk McCormick

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